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Independent Financial Services GB

Holistic Commercial & Residential Finance Solutions

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Independent Financial Services offer a comprehensive range of mortgage products designed with the particular requirements of 'UK Expatriate' and 'Foreign Nationals' for residential property, buy-to-lets, and commercial loans
We pride ourselves in independent and impartial mortgage advise we cater for clients who are either 'foreign nationals' or 'domiciled abroad' as UK 'Expats
The United Kingdom, and London in particular continues to attract an increasing number of overseas 'foreign' investors who are seeking to purchase either their main residential home as an owner occupier or a property for investment purposes as 'buy-to-let' or 'commercial' property. We have a range of options for mortgages and loans both non-resident and resident non-domiciled 'expat' purchasers.
Offshore mortgages have the potential to offer certain tax mitigation benefits to British Expatriate Overseas individuals, whether for 'personal' owner occupation or as an 'investment' property for example 'buy-to-let' or 'commercial' security. Taking a mortgage can reduce the need for an 'expat' or 'foreign' national to reduce the amount of monies brought to the UK, and that maybe subject to tax. For higher 'band' tax payers could save 40% on 'interest' costs of the mortgage.
If you seek a family or a holiday home in the United Kingdom we have a wide spectrum of mainstream and niche lenders both offshore and onshore offering a wide range of mortgage products, lenders can range from mainstream high street banks, 'Offshore Banks', 'Merchant Banks', 'Investment Banks', 'Short Term Lenders' and other niche lenders. Our lenders may be locally or internationally based depending on the nature of the transaction and your specific circumstances.
If you seek to purchase (or remortgage) a property in the UK and your income is not in Sterling a currency mortgage may be a suitable means to provide a mortgage in the relevant currency of your prime income. Currency mortgages maybe also suitable for High Networth or financially astute for example individuals working in the finance sector who appreciate the vagaries and risks associated with fluctuations in foreign exchange, or individuals who have income sources in multiple currencies




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    Independent Financial Services GB (M Ashaf t/a) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for pure protection, residential mortgages and general insurance business our FCA no 300740. You can check this on the FCA's Register by visiting the FCA's

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Independent Financial Services GB

Independent financial advisory services offering holistic solutions for mortgages, remortgages, commercial, residential, offshore, overseas & development funding.

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